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Happier ( Ed Sheeran ) Guitar Chords and Strumming Pattern

04:40Roshni Kumari

Here are Guitar Chords and strumming pattern of song 'Happier' sung by Ed Sheeran.

Song: Happier
Artist: Ed Sheeran

Scale: A minor

Chords Used: A minor, F Major,  C Major

Strumming Pattern: DDU DDU DDU DDU

Happier (Ed Sheeran) Guitar Chords Progression:


(Am) (F) (C)
(Am) (F) (C)

(Verse 1)

(Am) Walking down (F) 29th and (C) Park
(Am) I saw you (F) in another’s (C) arms
(Am) Only a mo(F)nth we’ve been a(C)part
You look h(Am)appier (F)(C)
(Am) Saw you wa(F)lk inside a b(C)ar
(Am) He said someth(F)ing to make you la(C)ugh
(Am) I saw that bo(F)th your smiles were twi(C)ce as wide as ours
Yeah, you look (Am) happier (F), you do (C)


(Am) Ain’t nobody h(F)urt you like I (C) hurt you
But a(Am)in’t nobody lo(F)ve you like I (C) do
(Am) Promise that I w(F)ill not take it p(C)ersonal, baby
(Am) If you’re moving o(F)n with someone n(C)ew


Cause baby you look ha(Am)ppier,(F) you (C) do
My friends told me o(Am)ne day I’d (F) feel it t(C)oo
And until then I’ll (Am) smile to (F) hide the (C) truth
But I know I was h(Am)appier w(F)ith y(C)ou

(Verse 2)

(Am) Sat on the c(F)orner of the r(C)oom
(Am) Everything’s remi(F)nding me of y(C)ou
(Am) Nursing an (F) empty (C) bottle and telling myself you’re (Am) happier
(F) Aren’t (C) you?


(Am) Ain’t nobody h(F)urt you like I (C) hurt you
But a(Am)in’t nobody ne(F)ed you like I d(C)o
(Am) I know that there’s (F) others that des(C)erve you
But my d(Am)arling, I am s(F)till in love with y(C)ou


But I guess you look (Am) happier (F), you (C) do
My friends told me one (Am) day I’ll (F) feel it (C) too
I could try to sm(Am)ile to h(F)ide the tr(C)uth
But I know I was (Am) happier (F) with y(C)ou


(Am) (F) (C)
(Am) (F) (C)
(Am) (F) (C)
(Am) (F) (C


Baby, you look h(Am)appier (F), you (C) do
I know one day you’d (Am) fall for s(F)omeone n(C)ew
But if he breaks your (Am) heart like (F) lovers d(C)o
Just know that I’ll be (Am) waiting he(F)re for (C) you

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